The 5 Reiki Principles

Just for today I shall not worry

Just for today I shall not anger

Just for today I shall be grateful

Just for today I shall do my work honestly

Just for today I shall love and respect all living things

- Dr Usui

Dr Usui asks us to meditate on these principles daily

Universal harmony exercise

Japanese Reiki recognises 3 main energy centres rather than the 7 chakras.

These are the third eye, the heart and the hara (corresponding to the sacral chakra).
An exercise designed to bring peace and harmony to the body is to place your hands on your third eye and let the energy flow until you feel a connection. Then move to your hara.

Now repeat the exercise in the opposite direction starting with the hara and finishing with the third eye.

Finally move from the third eye, to the heart and the hara.

Reiki is a subtle, Universal energy

The word 'universal' is made up of
'uni' and 'verse' which means
'one song'.

Reiki Treatment

During a Reiki session you lie on a massage table or sit comfortably. There is no need to remove any clothing and you can choose to be covered with a blanket. The treatment usually takes place in silence or accompanied by soft music.

When you are settled I place my hands in certain positions on or near your body. No massage is involved and I only touch areas of your body that you are comfortable with me touching. Energy flows through my hands to the places that require healing. This may cause you to feel relaxed or to fall asleep or feel drowsy. You might experience tingles, pulses or temperature changes and see lights, colours or have dreams. No two people experience the same thing. Each session you have will also be different because once one area is healed the Reiki energy then works on the next.

I am an intuitive healer. I mainly use Reiki in my sessions but depending on your needs I can also use meditation, coaching and counselling.koru

I recommend a one hour Reiki session but shorter and longer sessions are also possible. Sometimes one session is enough to create profound healing but it is more usual to require two or three treatments. Many clients have regular sessions to keep them well. You can also receive distance healing if you prefer.

You can be assured that everything you discuss with me in a session is entirely confidential.


1 hour Reiki session - $60. Concessions are available.

For further details and to book an appointment please contact me.

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Reiki positions revisited

The knees - placing your hands on your knees allows the energy to move down your legs preventing it from stagnating in the body. Treating the knees is essential for joint,leg, knee, ankle, foot and mobility issues. It also releases tension connected with our ability to move forward in life.


"I first met Sarah when she taught me Reiki Level 2 in 2009.  From that first meeting I knew she was a wonderful woman and a great healer. I have since been taught Reiki Level 3A by Sarah and have exchanged many healings with her. She comes highly recommended. Sarah is an extremely experienced healer and teacher. Sarah creates a gentle and caring environment wherever she goes!"

Kiri Conaghan-
Reiki 3A practitioner, Hamilton


"Thanks for your October 2012 newsletter it contained some great tips and reminded me to use Reiki in my everyday life"

PK, Hamilton


"We were able to learn together in a warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere"



"The course exceeded my expectations"



"The course taught me a lot about myself and I feel calmer and more at peace with myself"


"I think you are an awesome teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course"