The 5 Reiki Principles

Just for today I shall not worry

Just for today I shall not anger

Just for today I shall be grateful

Just for today I shall do my work honestly

Just for today I shall love and respect all living things

- Dr Usui

Dr Usui asks us to meditate on these principles daily

Universal harmony exercise

Japanese Reiki recognises 3 main energy centres rather than the 7 chakras.

These are the third eye, the heart and the hara (corresponding to the sacral chakra).
An exercise designed to bring peace and harmony to the body is to place your hands on your third eye and let the energy flow until you feel a connection. Then move to your hara.

Now repeat the exercise in the opposite direction starting with the hara and finishing with the third eye.

Finally move from the third eye, to the heart and the hara.

Reiki is a subtle, Universal energy

The word 'universal' is made up of
'uni' and 'verse' which means
'one song'.

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Well there is! Reiki is a gentle therapy that works naturally to:

You are now standing on the threshold of a New You!

open the door to reveal the mirror

"Life seems simpler if we blot out awareness of its mystery, but such a life is an impoverished one. There is a dimension to ourselves, the most essential dimension, which it is folly to ignore"

Sister Wendy Beckett,
Meditations on Silence.

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Reiki positions revisited

The knees - placing your hands on your knees allows the energy to move down your legs preventing it from stagnating in the body. Treating the knees is essential for joint,leg, knee, ankle, foot and mobility issues. It also releases tension connected with our ability to move forward in life.


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